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  1. To conduct ourselves in an honest and professional manner

  2. To exercise caution at all levels of Australian Property Inspections

  3. Follow the key principles of The Housesafe Way

  4. The belief of Quality Control in our report writing methodology is a key focus

  5. To be a preferred Inspection Entity source within Australia and New Zealand

  6. To be devoted to the cause of getting it right

  7. Offer a prudent source of Education and on-going Training and Accreditation

  8. Remaining independent at all times without advocacy

  9. Promoting excellence, integrity and quality in all the inspection services you offer

  10. Remaining in touch with all levels of Government, Statutory Authorities to promote excellence, integrity and quality in property inspection services

  11. To offer alternatives in the event of disputes by providing a resolution process that is innovative, flexible and cost effective

  12. Housesafe supports its accredited inspection entities by providing access to expert advice, mentoring and a knowledge base which enhances their confidence and reputation

  13. Housesafe contributes to the real needs of consumers

  14. Housesafe endorses Continuing Professional Development

  15. All dealings with clients shall be treated as confidential and privileged

  16. Housesafe Inspectors shall charge a fair and reasonable fee for services

  17. Housesafe Accredited Inspectors are urged to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance

  18. We shall not offer advice on subjects out of our areas of expertise

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