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Training Building Inspectors For Excellence

Housesafe Inspection Training & Education was founded by Howard Ryan, a Sydney-based housing inspector with decades of experience. He and his team have a passion to help other inspectors – both men and women – to work to a high standard of excellence.
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Our Focus Areas

Housesafe provides knowledge of understanding the Australian Standards and the National Construction Code. We also teach about report writing, fee agreements, contracts and dealing with your clients in regards of contract law and disptute management.


Who We Train

We have trained and assessed over 4,800 people so far nationally and internationally, from individual inspectors to large project builders like Brolen Homes, HMH Constructions, Allam Homes, Trend Connection, MJH & MJH Multi, Wisdom Homes, Better Built, Metricon and Icon Homes. In fact, New Construction Intelligence sessions for construction companies are now a large part of our business and intellectual property.

Note: Our H & K Ryan intel is free to building companies.


How We Help

Whether you are a seasoned inspector, a tradie thinking of switching to this industry, a wife or partner of a property inspector conducting administration, or the head of a big construction firm wanting some CPD friendly training for your workforce, we can help you.

Read about our great courses and mentoring opportunities.


Mitigate Your Risk

Housesafe has mitigated your risk by accreditation and assignment assessments along with the use of Housesafe Templates.

Housesafe educates inspectors around the world including Toronto Canada, St John's Newfoundland, Florida, Syracuse, California, New York, Australia, and New Zealand.

To qualify for Housesafe training you need one of the following:

  • Existing Builder/Tradie

  • Engineer

  • Architect

  • Cert IV or III (or similar)

  • Proof of experience in residential renovations and proof of knowledge of the home inspection industry

Courses We Provide 


Property Consultancy

This consultancy course and training replaces pre-purchase.

The Housesafe Professional Property Consultancy follows referenced Australian Standards from the NCC and ensures the five elements of Contract Law are implemented i.e. Instruction, Offer, Valuable Consideration, Acceptance & Acknowledgement


New Construction Frame & Final, Defect & Warranty Inspections

This course will enable participants to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to competently perform. Please note, you must be a Licensed Builder, Engineer or Certifier to carry out these types of inspections.


Asbestos and Mould Identification and Reporting

This course will enable participants to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to competently perform the identification of asbestos and mould when carrying out these inspections. You will also learn to identify the source and reason for mould forming.


Becoming and Defining an Expert Witness

This course will enable participants to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to competently carry out expert work in various court and tribunal jurisdictions. Participants will gain the true definition of how to identify client issues in a forensic manner. Your reporting will become more effective in trials.


New Construction Intelligence

For building companies, construction managers and site supervisors.


This short course for construction companies will equip your builders to get the job done right from the start and set realistic expectations for homeowners. Mitigate risk and avoid unnecessary litigation and disputes. The course covers contract law, disputes, deception and misconception, liability and legal terminology, and quality assurance. You must an architect or certified builder to attend this course.

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