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Safeport Mobile

Announcing Safeport Mobile - a powerful new mobile Building Inspection solution. Safeport Mobile is the latest Formitize mobile solution built in partnership with Housesafe Training Academy.

Housesafe Training is a global leader in Building Inspection training and report writing with approximately five thousand building inspection associates globally.

Housesafe Reports are a proven and highly trusted set of reports developed by Howard Ryan and the Housesafe Training team that have stood the test of time and scrutiny and are favoured by building inspectors ​in Australia and New Zealand and training abilities in the USA, Canada, Singapore and Japan​. Safeport Mobile now delivers all of the reports ready for building inspectors and new construction project managers to complete using their mobile phone or tablet onsite.

Smart features of the new digital reports include: Automatic photo sizing and placement, Dropdown Response Libraries, Mandatory Questions, Time, Date and GPS Stamping, Mud map Drawing Tool with icons and a Powerful Voice to Text solution that converts spoken word to text to save typing long responses.


Safeport Mobile includes digital versions of the following Housesafe Reports:

New Construction Inspection Booking & Authority

New Construction Defect Inspection

New Construction Frame Inspection

New Construction Warranty Inspection

New Construction Final (PCI) Inspection

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Agreement

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections - Building

Visual Asbestos ID Inspection Report

Visual Mould ID Inspection Report

Building Inspector Training

Additional reports are to follow including. In addition to the Housesafe Reports, Safeport Mobile also includes many additional features to help Building Inspectors run their businesses more efficiently. These features include:

  • CRM​ customer database to store all client information

  • Job Management​ with integrated scheduler to manage your jobs

  • Document management ​to store and manage all documents, licence and more

  • Safety First ​Solution (customisable to job type)

  • Sales Pipeline ​and lead management solution

  • Quoting / Estimating​ module (with automated follow up)

  • Invoicing module​ (with automated invoice chasing and integration with cloud accounting

  • software including Xero and Quickbooks

  • Automated assistants​ - to follow up quotes, manage leads, chase outstanding invoices

  • and more.

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